N2CKH/R 53.430Mhz -1Mhz PL 131.8hz

Lakewwood, New Jersey FN20vb

-- A coordinated repeater system --

-- Part of the --

Joint Ocean Monmouth Amateur Repeater Linking System (JOMARLS)

Dedicated in the memory of
Santo (Sam) Ugliarolo, Jr. WB2HAE

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PL Access:

It is planned to run the 53.430 system without PL access normally. However, when the system is interfaced for Internet Repeater Linking Project (IRLP) operation and the IRLP link is brought up or any system via the RF Link activates 53.430 over the link the 53.430 machine will be oeprated in PL access and user PL over ride will be disabled.

Also, when the repeater starts to "blow squelch" due to interference on site the system will be in PL access to "quiet" things down. This will NOT be the case if the system is being activated by stations due to 6 meter Sporatic-E openings as these true band openings with out of area DX are more than welcome.

When in PL access, a 131.8Hz (3B) subaudible tone will be required. This tone can be disabled with an over ride touch tone code of *320 to access the repeater. In addition, at times, the system may be in operation using an unadvertised CTCSS or DCS selection for maintenance or special operations as may develop. When this is the case please do not attempt to access the system.

For the benefit of all, there will also be an Open 911 Emergency Autopatch as well as other autopatch capabilities for emergency use only. Access to these capabilities will require the 131.8hz PL tone at all times.

So why 6 meter's ?


My good friend Bill, KC2CNB for all his help with not only this project but in other efforts as well in moving around the equipment, climbing towers and trees (cutting them down too), installing antennae and other technical assistance.

It was my good fortune that my friend Sam, WB2HAE decided to sell off his 6m repeater system. He had problems keeping it on the air prior due to health problems. This acquaition gave me a big leg up on this project by acquiring the duplexers locally. The added advantage of Sam's sysem was external GE rack mount power amplifier.

I also want to acknowledge Glenn, WN3G, for letting me have two versions of complete GE MASTR II Maintenance Manuals for the 25-50Mhz, 50/100 watt radios for the cost of $5.00 USD to cover postage.

My good friend Jim, K2DE must be acknowledged for his donation of a Pentium II 120Mhz computer with 64MB of RAM.

Cy, VE3IFS/2 must be acknowledged for his donation of a SCSII based Pentium II 90Mhz server computer.

Ray, KB2NZO must be acknowledged for his donation of GE Master II mobile radios and accessories.

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