12 MARCH 20003:

The previous server used to host my software such as SkyWarn/2001 and all the items below has been relinquished. I will in the near future have all the items that were previously on-line for download available here.

This page offers software for FREE.

In some cases just applets or proof of concept and in other such SkyWarn/2001 full applcations that has been removed from the market and will NOT be updated or supported in their current 16 bit baseline versions.

- Software Currently Available For Download-

Full Applications:

Click here to display 1024x768 image <=== RS-232 ===> Click here for larger U-2000 image

Click here for full screen snow accumulation for first 90 minutes of 01/08/99 storm

Click here for full screen snow fall rate for first 90 minutes of 01/08/99 storm

Note: Heated rain guage is required for snow fall functions to work properly. Snow accumulation is relative and best results are achieved with calm to light winds.

The 16 bit SkyWarn/2001 software is now FREE shareware and is available for non-commercial use by anyone who wishes to download it from this web site.

The software is provided "AS IS" with NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT or planned 16 bit updates.

Click here to download SkyWarn/2001(tm)

Rac 'n Rollup: Coming Soon.


This is a sampler of small MS-Windows rig control (Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, Ten-Tec) and rotor (HyGain/SarTek) control programs. They are not full featured, they do not support more than basic rig/rotor control. Note that as time permits I shall be added to this collection programs for newer radios, such as the Yaesu FT-847 and FT-817.

Sampler Rig and Rotor Control programs (1.0MB)

Amateur Radio CATCC Station and Rig and Rotor Control Deno Programs. This was an early proof of concept for CATCC written in MS-Visual Basic. It is not complete and does not support all radio manufacturers or models. Packet DX-Cluster(tm) is supported with standard TNCs. VHF/UHF is supported with only the Yaesu FT-736R.

Floppy Disk install CATCC JR(tm) demo (3.410MB)

Non Floppy Disk install CATCC JR(tm) demo (3.337MB)

DemoMeter for the Peet Bros. Ultimeter Weather stations. This program only supports Data Logging mode and does NOT save and data to disk or provide any graphing features. The full application SkyWarn/2001 will soon be available for download as well. Visit my website at www.qth.com for details.

DemoMeter(tm) demo (1.1MB)

For more information, you may send us electronic mail, or write to us at the address below, we look forward to hearing from you.

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